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Doula Care with Esther

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Empathy & Energy​​

I have personally experienced five deliveries, each one giving me new perspective and insight. I understand how personal each decision during this vulnerable time can be. I offer compassion and no judgement as you make the decisions best for you. My desire is to share positive energy with you in the moments you need it most.

Empathy & Energy​

Confidence & Courage

Confidence & Courage

Pregnancy can be a time of uncertainty, which can lead to worry and fear if it is not replaced with knowledge and confidence. Let’s do the preparation and thought work together so you can have the birth your heart desires.

My philosophy:

Pregnancy and childbirth profoundly changes a woman. It creates a deep connection between her and her child, partner, and a Higher Power. There is a realization that it took all of their efforts to create that experience and all were dependent on each other for success. Those four entities hold the answers as to what your best birth experience looks like. You have the power to piece together your birth team to help you achieve those goals.

Birth Doula Package ($1100):​

Information & Intuition

From the time we are born, we are offered information from our family, community, school, church, friends, neighbors, media, music, and many other sources. As an adult some of our most important work we do is sifting through all that information and deciding what is true and important and what is not. This is true for pregnancy, labor, and delivery as well. I encourage you to take time to process the information that you have been given so far in life and decide if it is evidence-based, helpful, necessary, or intuitive. Then open your mind to new perspectives and hold onto the things that you learn that resonate with you.

"Giving birth calls on a birthing person to shed her social skin and discover her ability to cooperate with and surrender to elemental forces. Birth can profoundly transform a women, strengthening her faith and deepening her identity… those who labor on their own terms and triumph in spontaneous birthing will mother in a fiercely independent fashion, with strength and inner certainty spilling into every other aspect of their lives. Giving birth is more than just having a baby; it is a pivotal event in personal development"
-Elizabeth Davis
"Heart & Hands"

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” I am so grateful she was there with me.” -Elizabeth B.


I am so grateful she was there with me and 100%  know that her presence made my labor easier. I would not hesitate to have her join me again.
Elizabeth B.
You can count on Esther to support you in creating the birth you desire. Baby Pearl born 11/18/2022
Rachel L.
[Esther] has a gift for making people feel secure and cared about and providing much needed emotional support.
Ana W.