I am so glad I had Esther as my doula for my last delivery. I already had two other kids by that point with very different labors. My husband was interested and willing to help in delivery but often didn’t know what to do or say to help me so I knew a doula would be helpful in the delivery room.

Esther was so great helping me with advice or encouragement during my false labor contractions and going overdue by a week. She even suggested options I could bring up with my doctor which I found very helpful.

On the day of delivery she met us at the hospital and brought a sense of calm and reassurance. She coached me through contractions and breathing and pain management techniques. When it came time to push, I began having terrible back pains with each contraction. She was so steadfast and applied constant pressure and massaged my back. She never wavered or complained or seemed uncomfortable (which I know it had to be uncomfortable!). By the end, she had even rubbed the polish off her nails – but that counter pressure was invaluable!! I am so grateful she was there with me and 100%  know that her presence made my labor easier. I would not hesitate to have her join me again.

–Elizabeth Bateman