Although I had been planning a home birth, I told Esther at 38 weeks that I was considering a hospital birth with an epidural. She calmly replied that she would be there to support me wherever I chose to give birth. You can count on Esther to support you in creating the birth you desire.

I ultimately decided to stay with my original home-birth plan. As labor progressed my husband and daughter helped provide counter pressure and supported me emotionally and physically. When Esther arrived she quietly assessed the situation and asked if I would like a hot bath. I said yes and she prepared a bath, lit candles and turned off the lights. We had music lightly playing and she gently augmented the help and support from my husband and daughter. Esther easily integrates with others. She gets along with everyone and is very likable, but you can count on her to be your advocate and take a stand when needed.
The warm water felt amazing and Esther encouraged my steady breathing as I labored in the bath. She regularly offered drinks of cool water and put chapstick on my lips. She also utilized essential oils, one especially (Balance) that made a big difference, helping to ground me and steady my breathing.

I birthed my baby after 15-20 minutes in the water. Esther pulled baby up and placed her in my arms. Esther was calm and supportive, allowing my older children to swarm in and adore the baby. She assisted my husband in cutting the cord but was careful not to take over anything that my family wanted to do. She cleaned up the tub for us and helped me shower and get comfy in bed with a cold pad on my perineum. She took some sweet pictures that I cherish as well. Esther was an ideal doula. I’m so grateful that she was part of my birth experience and couldn’t recommend her more highly.